Greenfix 2018 Charity Announcement


Greenfix is pleased to announce our charity partner for 2018 is the mental health charity SANE.


Why did we choose to support SANE?


A 2017 study by NBS states that at any given time one in six workers in the construction industry at any given time will be affected by depression, anxiety or other stress related problems. This research suggests “350,000 construction professionals may be affected.” Being part of this industry made all at Greenfix aware that more support is required.


The stigma surrounding mental health issues has been addressed as never before in recent months and years.  However, there is still a long way to go before mental health is talked about freely within the workplace. Greenfix therefore want to play a part in the conversation by partnering up with SANE throughout 2018.


SANE offer many forms of outreach where anyone dealing with mental illness can get in contact and receive the help they require. SANE also run the Black Dog Campaign which aims to change perceptions of mental illness, encouraging people to seek help early, rather than suffering in silence. Sir Winston Churchill famously used the term “Black Dog” to describe his darker moods, but it is an expression that has been used for many centuries. The campaign seeks to bring awareness of mental health to young people and with the need to attract younger people into the construction industry becoming more pressing, the more that can be done to support all aspects of their health and welfare the better.


Another risk factor for mental health is self-employment, and as construction supports the largest self-employed workforce of any industry there is a clear need to address the potential problems.


SANE has three organisation aims:


  1. Reduce the impact of mental illness
  2. Improving treatment and care by increasing knowledge about mental illness.
  3. Influencing policy and public attitudes by increasing understanding of mental illness.

Greenfix are showing our support for SANE by donating 50p from every order we receive in 2018 and by highlighting the charity throughout the year online and at events we attend.

Learn more about Greenfix and our charity partner, SANE HERE