Genuine Geoweb

Geoweb provides innovative, sustainable solutions to challenging soil stabilization problems and turf protection needs with the Geoweb® cellular confinement system. Our commitment: providing the highest quality products and solutions.

The Presto Geoweb system is the original geocell cellular confinement system developed by Presto Geosystems over 30 years ago. Read about the history of Geocells here.


  • Genuine Geoweb has always been manufactured in the USA from high-quality, high-strength polyethylene so quality and performance are always dependable.
  • Cell wall slots allow quick threading of Atra Tendons and Geoweb section connection with Atra Keys ®

The Geoweb manufacturing process is certified by BSI (British Standards Institution) to ISO 9001:2008 using high quality, high-strength polyethylene with a patented textured surface and perforated walls.


Infill for Geoweb in Tree Root Applications

Stone specification for tree root protection

SPECMaker® Specification Development Tool

Create complete, custom Geoweb® geocell specifications with the easy-to-use SPECMaker® Tool

Atra® Tendons & Tendon Clips

ATRA® Tendon Clips are load transfer devices that transfer slope gravity forces from the Geoweb cell wall to the tendon.

7 Key Factors to Choosing the Right Geocell

Presto Geosystem's guide to find out the 7 most important Key Factors when choosing the right geocell

Geoweb® MSE Wall Software

Presto offers its free, licensed GEOWEB® MSE design software for GEOWEB geocell wall applications. The software creates vegetated and non-vegetated MSE designs based on the GEOWEB® system for reinforced slopes, and for gravity and geogrid-reinforced walls.

Geoweb for Tree Root Protection

The original GEOWEB® geocell cellular confinement system distributes loads creating a no-dig solution ideal for Tree Root Protection.

Geoweb Load Support

The Geoweb® Load Support System is a proven, economical solution for challenging soil stability problems. The 3D structural system delivers benefits where soft soils are present, where inexpensive quality infill is unavailable or where traditional reinforcement methods are difficult to construct.

Geoweb Slope Protection

The Geoweb® Slope Protection System offers solutions for solving challanging slope stability problems. The 3D stucture creeates a stable environment for embankment infill materials, preventing severe erosion problems and offering deep earth solutions not delivered by surface treatments.

Geoweb Channel Protection

The GEOWEB® Channel Protection System stabilises and protects channels exposed to erosive conditions of all types and can be designed with appropriate infill types to withstand even the highest velocities.

Geoweb Earth Retention

GEOWEB® Retaining Wall Systems are designed for natural aesthetics, ease of construction and design versatility. Geoweb® panels are layered, to create an earth retention system meeting all project-specific structural requirements.

Geoweb Bank and Shoreline Protection

The GEOWEB® Bank and Shoreline Protection System stabilises soils on shoreline embankments, creating a structurally stable environment for infill. The system minimizes erosion problems caused by water contact, surface flow and small scale wave action.

Geoweb Road Verge Control

Unprotected road verges unable to support active vehicle loads can potentially become very dangerous. To avoid rutting and to stabilise these areas, GEOWEB® is a proven solution.

Geoweb® Atra® Keys and Atra Anchors

The Geoweb system has a number of unique fixing and fittings. These include the patented Atra-Key and Tendon slope system.

Geoweb Porous Pavements

The Geoweb® system offers options for creating attractive and permeable pavement systems for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.