Greenfix bioengineering products have been selected to sympathetically blend with the local environment, enhancing bio diversity wherever possible, and working to control the encroachment of construction work, invasive species and other forms of pollution.


Greenfix River Mat RM100

Greenfix River Mats are suitable for use in natural and artificial channels

Greenfix Lining Systems

Greenfix work with suppliers and installers of a range of lining systems:

Newt Barrier

To protect and contain naturally occurring populations of endangered amphibian species

Greenfix 600 Knotweed Barrier

Containment for Japanese Knotweed and other invasive plants

Greenfix 400 Root Barrier

Control the spread of roots with Greenfix Root Barrier

Pre-planted Coir Rolls

Pre-planted Coir Rolls have proved to be a successful bio-engineering erosion technique for many years. Coir is a natural and sustainable waste product from the husk of coconut shells.

Pre-planted Coir Pallets

Pre-planted coir pallets are used on projects where mature vegetation is an immediate requirement.

Filled Rock Rolls

Rock Rolls provide a permanent, cost-effective alternative to rip-rap & gabions in turbulent and fast flowing applications.

Brushwood Faggots

Greenfix supply a range of Hazel, Chestnut & Willow (live) Faggots for use in both freshwater and brackish intertidal applications. Our products are supplied from (FSC) sustainable sources within the UK’s coppice industry.


Nicospan has been designed specifically for vertical bank protection at the water’s edge; it provides a proven and economical form of erosion control at the water edge.

Greenfix Silt Curtain

Greenfix supply a full range of top-quality Silt Curtains, our curtains can be fabricated to any lengths and depths varying from 1M deep to over 15Ms, various grades of curtain are available to suit all applications and budgets

Debris and Oil Booms

Greenfix supply an effective pollution control barrier “Debris Boom” which are suitable for use in tidal waters and inland watercourses where a seal between shore and water is required.