Greenfix for your River Restoration Projects


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Get Ready For Spring

With the weather hopefully getting warmer in the next few weeks this the right time to look at projects for the new season.

Greenfix Geosystems provide innovative, sustainable solutions to challenging soil stabilisation problems and turf protection needs. Geoweb® cellular confinement system is used extensively for a wide variety of solutions including no dig tree root protection, load support, slope protection, earth retention, channel protection and flood defense.

Our erosion control products and systems are used for a variety of solutions in the building and civil engineering market, including flood defense. Our products vary from biodegradable pre-seeded erosion control mats, permanent turf reinforcement mats (TRM’s) to Non seeded blankets and meshes in biodegradable and permanent materials. Our wide product range extends from grass seed and mulch mats to root barriers and silt fences.

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River Restoration Centre Conference 2017

Greenfix are proud to sponsor the River Restoration Centre Conference 2017 on 4th & 5th April get tickets HERE

The theme of the conference this year is  River Restoration: Addressing Uncertainty”



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Mulchmats – The environmentally friendly option

If you are thinking about your early season planting, Greenfix Mulchmats provide mulching, moisture control, non-chemical weed control, soil erosion protection and soil temperature balance in one single operation. Nursery-like conditions can be achieved easily and by environmentally friendly means. Greenfix Mulchmats enhance growth without the need for further mulching, chemicals or large scale maintenance. The natural upper layer blends with landscaping, protects the bottom membrane from ultra-violet light, controls water shed from gradients and regulates soil temperature. Visit our webpage & see what The Royal Forestry Society say about Mulchmats HERE

kalasatama-greenfix-9-pensasistutusmatto  hauptbild

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Silt Fence Controls Water Run Off

A Silt Fence is a temporary sediment control device used to protect water quality in nearby water courses and drainage from sediment in storm water runoff. Used for many years particularly in the United States it is now becoming more common in the U.K.

Silt-Stop 70SF is a high quality woven polypropylene material. It resists ultraviolet deterioration, and naturally occurring basics and acids. Greenfix provide comprehensive installation instructions and can advice on the use of Silt Fence on your next project. Visit our webpage HERE and contact us for more details. 01608 666027


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Tree Root Protection in winter

At this time of year there can be an increased risk of windthrow or blowdown. It can be especially prevalent following logging or in areas where soil compaction has reduced the stability of the root system. Geoweb for Tree Root Protection.

Greenfix’ bulk density calculations for Tree Root Protection can assist with soil compaction issues. to learn more book our CPD presentation. Call us on 01608 666027 or email us on

Geoweb for load support is commonly used for forestry tracks and haul roads. Greenfix can help you with road design and specification of the best grade of Geoweb.


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Four steps to better embankments

One of our colleagues in Portugal photographed the stages of a channel protection project recently. From the original weed & rubble choked watercourse in the first picture through the installation of coir rolls & rock rolls to stabilise the banks and the margins, to the established vegetated surface giving long term sustainable erosion control.

CONTACT US to learn how Greenfix could offer the same improvement to your watercourse project

Coir Rolls & ECB


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New Envirolok Installation

A couple of photos of a recent Envirolok installation. Envirolok is a Vegetated Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall System for retaining walls, slope stabilisation, erosion control and shoreline protection. Greenfix are exclusive agents for the U.K. and have good stocks in this country. For earth retention projects large or small get in touch.

img_3611       Envirolok

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Geoweb Conference 2016

. Watch out for new developments in 2017



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Seasons Greetings from Greenfix


The Greenfix office will be closed from 5pm on Thursday 22nd December 2016 and will reopen on Tuesday 3rd January 2017

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